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Jarrell Miller Rejects Anthony Joshua's Apology Attempt After Explosive Press Conference Face-Off

The long-standing rivalry between Jarrell Miller and Anthony Joshua seems to be far from simmering down as the boxing world braces itself for potential fireworks. The feud, originating back in 2019, witnessed a fresh spark at a recent press conference where tensions flared, leaving little room for reconciliation.

Their contentious history traces back to Joshua’s stateside debut, a bout that never materialized due to Miller’s failed drug tests, leading to his removal from the card. Subsequently, a replacement, Andy Ruiz Jr, delivered a seismic upset, snatching Joshua’s titles in a stunning turn of events.

The recent confrontation occurred during the announcement of their upcoming fights against Otto Wallin and Daniel Dubois, reigniting the verbal sparring that has defined their relationship. In an interview with FightHype, Jarrell Miller disclosed Joshua’s attempt to extend an olive branch, citing an apology made through Miller’s publicist shortly after the fiery press conference.

However, Miller swiftly shut down any prospects of reconciliation, stating adamantly that there’s no conversation to be had unless it involves discussing a future showdown in the ring. He emphasized that the only dialogue he’d entertain with Joshua would revolve around a potential fight, asserting, “Until I touch his chin, ain’t nothing to talk about, man.”

The animosity between the two fighters seems entrenched, with Miller drawing a parallel to schoolyard conflicts, suggesting that sometimes adversarial relationships transform into camaraderie after a physical confrontation. Until such a confrontation occurs between him and Joshua, Miller remains resolute in maintaining the standoff.

As the tension continues to mount, the prospect of a potential clash between these heavyweight titans intensifies, leaving fans eagerly anticipating whether their on-going feud will culminate in a highly-anticipated bout within the squared circle.

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