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Jared Anderson's View on Fury Vs Ngannou: 'He Has a Puncher's Chance'

Jared Anderson, the undefeated heavyweight boxing sensation, has hinted at an unexpected turn of events in the eagerly anticipated Fury Vs Ngannou bout. Tyson Fury, the current WBC world champion, will be up against Francis Ngannou, with the face-off scheduled for October 28 in Saudi Arabia.

Ngannou, an ex-UFC heavyweight champion, is all set to make his debut in professional boxing through the Fury Vs Ngannou clash. This ten-round, non-title confrontation harks back to the cross-disciplinary contest of 2017. It was then that Floyd Mayweather, out of retirement, clinched a tenth-round TKO victory over Conor McGregor, a UFC stalwart. McGregor had an explosive start, but he seemed to lose momentum in the later rounds, giving Mayweather the upper hand.

Despite Ngannou being widely regarded as the underdog in the Fury Vs Ngannou match, Anderson thinks the MMA veteran has a real shot, thanks to his punching power.

During a discussion with Sky Sports, Anderson commented on the Fury Vs Ngannou encounter:

“It’s a heavyweight fight. He has a puncher’s chance at the end of the day. If he lands that punch, Tyson might not get back up. I do believe if he thinks correctly and he goes back to watch the Conor McGregor fight with Floyd [Mayweather], he’s going to try to last as long as he can and somebody who does that is going to have his power throughout the entire fight, like Charles Martin did.”

Earlier this month, Anderson came out victorious from his toughest challenge to date, securing a unanimous decision over former IBF world champion Charles Martin in a ten-round battle.

Always looking for more opportunities to spar, Anderson is already lined up to square off against Andriy Rudenko next month, on August 26, in the aftermath of the Fury Vs Ngannou event. Anderson said:

“If I could fight every month I would. In my opinion, I don’t think it’s an old-school mentality, I think it’s a mentality everyone should have.”

“I think people get better as they go through the necessary fights and bright lights and everything. People have got to experience fans, crowds, lights, stuff like that enough times to know that they can be very comfortable under them. So I feel like if you fight more you will perform better.”

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