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Jake Paul's Next Opponent: The Speculated Contenders

Introduction: Jake Paul, the YouTube sensation turned professional boxer, is set to return to the ring on December 15th, and fans are eagerly anticipating the announcement of his next opponent. Several names have surfaced as potential contenders, each with their own unique appeal, making the upcoming fight night an intriguing spectacle. While Tommy Fury remains a top contender, a range of unconventional opponents has generated significant buzz, including former WWE star Matt Riddle and retired boxing legend Carl Froch.

Tommy Fury: The Favorite (2/1): Tommy Fury, a British boxer and reality TV star, has been listed as the favorite to face Jake Paul, with odds at 2/1. While Fury brings a legitimate boxing background, some view him as a less thrilling option.

Unconventional Options: Jake Paul has been known for embracing unconventional opponents and spectacles. Several unconventional contenders have emerged, sparking interest among fans and bettors alike:

  1. KSI (4/1): Another YouTuber, KSI is a familiar face in the world of celebrity boxing.
  2. Jorge Masvidal (5/1): The MMA star’s potential crossover bout against Paul could generate significant attention.
  3. Matt Riddle (8/1): Recently released by WWE, Riddle’s MMA background and personal baggage could make for a compelling matchup.
  4. Nate Diaz (10/1): The UFC star and Paul have a history, and a rematch would undoubtedly draw a crowd.
  5. Darren Till (10/1): Another MMA fighter, Till’s entry into the world of boxing could pique curiosity.
  6. Dillon Danis (16/1): The recent crossover boxing embarrassment may seek redemption against Paul.
  7. Michael “Venom” Page (16/1): An accomplished MMA fighter, Page’s switch to boxing could be a unique attraction.
  8. Carl Froch (20/1): The retired British boxing legend has previously expressed interest in fighting Jake Paul and could bring in a significant audience.

Challenges and Expectations: While Carl Froch’s willingness to face Jake Paul has generated excitement, it’s important to note that Paul’s upcoming fight is set for DAZN, not DAZN pay-per-view. The potential demands for a big-name opponent could present challenges. Despite the desire from many boxing fans to see such a match, it remains to be seen if it will materialize.

Matt Riddle’s inclusion would certainly create headlines, given his MMA background. However, it raises questions about the qualifications for a “credible” opponent in Jake Paul’s boxing journey. The trend of seeking unconventional opponents may continue.

Conclusion: Jake Paul’s choice of opponent for his December 15th fight has sparked widespread speculation. While Tommy Fury remains the top favorite, the allure of unconventional contenders like Matt Riddle and Carl Froch adds intrigue to the event. Regardless of the final decision, Jake Paul’s unique approach to boxing continues to captivate fans and generate excitement in the world of combat sports. Boxing enthusiasts eagerly await the official announcement of Paul’s next opponent.

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