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Jake Paul's $20 Million Challenge MMA Showdown with Tommy Fury

YouTube sensation turned boxer, Jake Paul, is making headlines with a bold $20 million proposition for a two-fight deal against his rival Tommy Fury. Following his first and only boxing loss to Fury last year, Paul is eager for a rematch, but the British reality star’s financial demands seem to be a stumbling block.

Paul, who is signed to MMA promotion PFL, is upping the ante by proposing a unique deal. The first bout would be a boxing match to avenge his loss, and if Paul emerges victorious, the second bout would transition to the MMA arena, specifically in the SmartCage at PFL. The offer, presented by Paul and his business partner Nakisa Bidarain, includes a guaranteed $20 million, $5 million more than a previous offer for an MMA rematch against UFC legend Nate Diaz.

In an interview with ESPN, Paul expressed frustration with Fury’s financial demands, accusing him of pricing himself out of the rematch. “I can do whatever I want. You think there’s more money? Cool, bring it to the table. Oh, you can’t? You haven’t brought anything to the table, please shut the f*** up then,” Paul stated.

Adding a layer of philanthropy to his upcoming bout against Ryan Bourland, Paul plans to donate his entire purse to charity. The move aligns with his recent strategy of facing lesser-known opponents to build up his record.

Despite his focus on boxing, Paul has been training sporadically in MMA and aims to make his debut in the PFL SmartCage at the end of the year. This strategic shift suggests Paul’s intent to diversify his fighting skills beyond the boxing ring.

As the saga between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury unfolds, fight fans are eager to witness if this lucrative two-fight deal will materialize and bring an MMA twist to their rivalry.

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