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Jake Paul Offers $10 Million Boxing Deal to Suspended Draymond Green!

NBA star Draymond Green has received a tempting offer amidst his suspension, with Jake Paul extending a lucrative $10 million proposal for the basketball player to step into the celebrity boxing ring.

Following Green’s suspension by the NBA for his altercation with Jusuf Nurkic, reports emerged of an indefinite suspension, allowing Green time to seek assistance and counseling for the challenges he’s facing. Amidst this development, Jake Paul wasted no time in extending an offer for Green to join his MVP promotion and participate in a boxing match post-suspension.

The basketball world buzzed with the news of Paul’s $10 million proposition to Green, a significant sum even for an athlete accustomed to substantial NBA earnings. However, given Green’s current multi-million-dollar contract with the NBA, the likelihood of him accepting Paul’s boxing offer remains uncertain.

Sources indicate that Green, along with Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy Jr. and his agent Rich Paul of Klutch Sports, is expected to discuss avenues for counseling and support in moving forward. The indefinite nature of the suspension leaves room for Green to address his challenges before a definitive return to the NBA.

Jake Paul’s proposal has sparked intrigue, raising questions about the potential crossover between basketball and boxing for Green. As the discussions unfold and the future course becomes clearer, the prospect of Green stepping into the boxing ring post-suspension adds an unexpected twist to the athlete’s narrative.

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