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Jake Paul Kicked Out From The Live Stream After Heated Debate With Rivals KSI and Tommy Fury

Over the weekend, a surprise twist occurred during a virtual debate between boxers KSI and Tommy Fury, hosted by streamer Adin Ross. Jake Paul unexpectedly appeared on the ‘Kick’ livestream, only to be promptly removed.

KSI was discussing his upcoming fight against Tommy Fury, along with Tommy’s father, John Fury, when Jake Paul suddenly joined the conversation. Paul immediately began to challenge KSI’s boxing credentials, questioning the quality of opponents he’d faced. KSI, who has a nearly flawless record with only a draw against Logan Paul and a no-decision after an elbow strike to Joe Fournier, will be settling his rivalry with Tommy Fury in a match set for October 14th in Manchester.

For a brief moment, both Tommy Fury and KSI found common ground, as they made light of Jake Paul’s own boxing record. Paul tried to flip the script by asking Fury about his performance, aware that Fury had previously defeated him. Just as the exchange was heating up, Jake Paul was suddenly removed from the stream.

“Lol KSI manager freaking out behind the scenes and making Adin’s manager kick me out of the chat!” Paul wrote to his 4.6million followers after the fact. “Soft!” Taylor responded by writing” “I’d never freak out over you, you fraudulent poser. Should have not ducked if you want that KSI clout. Get your attention elsewhere by fighting crippled old men.”

With the KSI vs. Tommy Fury fight drawing closer and Logan Paul also participating in the event, anticipation is building for what promises to be a sell-out crowd.

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