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Jai Opetaia to Relinquish IBF Cruiserweight Title for Mega Saudi Arabia Deal!

In a significant turn of events, Eddie Hearn reveals that Jai Opetaia will relinquish his IBF cruiserweight world title following the rejection of his proposed voluntary defense against Ellis Zorro on December 23rd. Hearn disclosed that Opetaia has secured a monumental two-fight agreement set in Saudi Arabia, promising life-altering earnings.

The decision to vacate the IBF title stems from the IBF’s refusal to sanction Opetaia’s voluntary defense against Ellis Zorro, forcing a shift in Opetaia’s trajectory. Hearn emphasized the magnitude of the opportunity awaiting Opetaia in Saudi Arabia, representing a turning point in the boxer’s career with unprecedented financial prospects.

Opetaia’s exit from the IBF cruiserweight championship opens a new chapter as he embarks on a lucrative venture that promises substantial rewards. Hearn’s statement underscores the enormity of the deal and its potential to reshape Opetaia’s future in the sport.

The revelation of Opetaia’s departure from the IBF title scene highlights the transformative nature of this Saudi Arabia venture. This move positions Opetaia on an unparalleled path, showcasing the allure of international opportunities in the realm of professional boxing.

As Opetaia bids farewell to the IBF title, the anticipation surrounding his Saudi Arabia stint intensifies, hinting at a monumental shift in the boxer’s career trajectory. Hearn’s revelation sheds light on the magnitude of the decision and its implications for Opetaia’s future endeavors in the boxing world.

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