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'It would be a bigger upset that Buster Douglas vs Mike Tyson' - Mike Tyson Predicts Fury vs Ngannou!

Former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson is set to train ex-UFC star Francis Ngannou for his upcoming Fury vs Ngannou fight against current boxing champ Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia on October 28. Although many favor Fury due to his extensive boxing experience, Tyson believes Ngannou has the strength to challenge Fury.

Recalling a past instance, Tyson mentioned that Fury was once knocked down by a lighter opponent, Steve Cunningham, early in his boxing career. He emphasizes Ngannou’s remarkable power, saying that Fury hasn’t faced anyone with such intense punches.

Tyson noted that Deontay Wilder had knocked Fury down multiple times but couldn’t defeat him. For Ngannou to succeed, Tyson suggests an aggressive approach, focusing on both body and head shots. He shared that they’ve been practicing this strategy and that Ngannou is keen on winning, driven by his love for his home country.

“Absolutely, Tyson Fury got dropped by a small guy [Steve Cunningham] early in his career.

“This guy punches like God knows who, he moves quicker, I’ve worked with his speed.

“Listen man, he only has to land one or two.

“Tyson’s never been in the ring with a guy that can punch this hard.

“I think this guy punches harder than anybody he’s ever fought.”

“He just needs gotta go all-out aggression,” Tyson explained, “Punch him to the body, punch him to the head, as we’ve been working with.

“He’s moving his head, he’s getting it together and he’s really determined to do this.

“He really wants to do this for his country and his people, it’s patriotic pride. I’m very excited about this.”

In conclusion, Tyson expressed that if Ngannou manages to beat Fury in Fury vs Ngannou bout, it would be a more significant surprise than when Buster Douglas defeated him in a historic match.

“It would be a bigger upset that Buster Douglas vs Mike Tyson.”

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