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'It could go either way but I’ll wind up saying Wilder' - Says Teddy Atlas About Wilder vs Joshua Showdown

Anthony Joshua’s recent victory over Robert Helenius appears to have opened the door for a potential match against Deontay Wilder, and Teddy Atlas, a respected analyst and former coach, has given his prediction for the outcome.

In the fight against Helenius, Joshua started cautiously in the first six rounds but later found his rhythm and landed a powerful right hand that led to Helenius being knocked out. With Wilder having also defeated Helenius in a quick knockout last October, speculation has grown about a Joshua-Wilder showdown.

During a podcast discussion after the London heavyweight event, Atlas shared his thoughts on a Wilder vs Joshua potential clash. He mentioned two possible scenarios: Wilder aggressively pursuing Joshua from the beginning due to his punching power and determination, or Joshua employing a strategy to trap Wilder. Ultimately, Atlas leaned towards Wilder winning due to his perceived stronger chin and ability to land a decisive punch.

Atlas pointed out that Wilder’s resilience, despite his losses to Tyson Fury, coupled with his punching ability, could secure him the victory. He noted that while Joshua is skilled at countering, his temperament is more suited to reacting than being aggressive. Atlas suggested that Wilder might catch Joshua off guard with his jab and set up a powerful right hand.

“One of two things. Wilder goes after him early. Wilder can’t fight but he can punch and he’s got heart. And so does Joshua. Wilder’s got heart. He’s got off the floor before, as Joshua has, but he’s taken a terrible beating off Fury that last two fights. I don’t know what he has left.

“I think [Wilder] has a better chin than Joshua at the end of the day. He lands the punch first, it’ll be all over. Or, he’ll walk into something. Joshua knows how to counter.

“His temperament is to counter, not be aggressive. He might catch Wilder coming in, or make him miss and counter him. Or Wilder uses that as long as a phone pole jab and sets up that right hand and catches Joshua.

The Wilder vs Joshua fight’s realization now depends on negotiations between the fighters’ representatives to secure a deal in Saudi Arabia in the upcoming year.

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