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Isaac Cruz Issues a Stern Warning to Rolando Romero Ahead of Clash

Isaac Cruz is not one to engage in trash talk, but he’s making one thing clear: Rolando Romero better back up his words with actions come March 30. The two are set to square off as the co-feature of a highly anticipated pay-per-view card headlined by Tim Tszyu and Sebastian Fundora, and Cruz is ready to let his fists do the talking.

While Romero has been busy hurling verbal jabs, Cruz has remained composed and focused on his preparation for the bout. But during a recent virtual press conference, Cruz couldn’t help but address Romero’s bravado, issuing a pointed warning to his opponent.

“I hope he fights the way he talks on March 30,” Cruz remarked. “That’s what I’m getting ready for.”

Standing at 5-foot-4, Cruz may not fit the typical mold of a junior welterweight, but his nickname “Pitbull” speaks volumes about his relentless fighting style. Despite giving up height and reach to Romero, Cruz is undeterred and ready to apply relentless pressure from the opening bell.

And when it comes to finding suitable sparring partners, Cruz isn’t concerned. In fact, he sees it as a non-issue, dismissing any notion that he’ll struggle to find adequate preparation.

“It’s not that hard,” Cruz stated confidently. “Cowards who don’t really like to fight – I can find that anywhere.”

Beneath the surface of this matchup lies a compelling narrative. Despite never having won a world title, many view Cruz as the more accomplished fighter, especially considering his competitive showing against Gervonta Davis, a shared opponent between the two. Cruz’s recent win streak, coupled with Romero’s controversial title victory and knockout loss to Davis, adds further intrigue to the showdown.

For Cruz, the mission is clear: silence Romero with every punch thrown. With each blow landed, Cruz aims to chip away at Romero’s bravado until there’s little left to say.

“All I am doing right now is getting ready to shut his mouth, punch by punch,” Cruz asserted. “With every punch, he is going to talk a little less.”

As the anticipation builds for this clash between two skilled warriors, Cruz’s warning serves as a reminder that in the ring, actions speak louder than words.

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