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Is Jared 'Big Baby' Anderson Set to Dominate the Heavyweight Division in 2024?

The recent “Day of Reckoning” showcased heavyweight boxing’s unpredictability, raising questions about the division’s future. Amidst this landscape, the spotlight turns to rising sensation Jared “Big Baby” Anderson—will he seize the heavyweight throne in 2024?

Boxing’s upper echelons have shown vulnerabilities, signaling an opportunity for emerging stars like Anderson. Recent matches exposed surprising vulnerabilities among established heavyweights. Tyson Fury, despite winning against Ngannou, struggled in a back-and-forth clash that raised eyebrows about his dominance. Deontay Wilder’s unexpected defeat at the hands of Joseph Parker left fans stunned, showing Wilder’s struggle to land his lethal shot and appearing out of sync with the sport.

Even Anthony Joshua’s victory over Otto Wallin, though impressive, didn’t dispel concerns about his performance against opponents with athleticism, speed, or power—a weakness Jared Anderson could exploit.

With established champions like Fury, Joshua, Wilder, and Usyk showing signs of potential decline, the stage seems set for the emergence of a new generation of heavyweights. Among them, Anderson’s trajectory and potential dominance loom large.

As the landscape shifts and established champions falter, could Jared “Big Baby” Anderson be the next force to reshape the heavyweight division in 2024?

Which heavyweight champion’s vulnerability surprised you the most, and do you think Jared Anderson has what it takes to reign over the division in 2024?

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