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Is Chisora's Health at Risk in a Fight with Ngannou?

Derek Chisora, the veteran British heavyweight fighter who turns 40 next month, shows no signs of slowing down or calling an end to his career. In fact, the man affectionately known as “War” is looking for the biggest fight he can land, even if it’s far from the world title shot that seems elusive. Chisora is now seeking a fight with the man still making waves in the boxing world – Francis Ngannou, the Nigerian fighter who left everyone in shock with his win over Tyson Fury and his transition from MMA to boxing.

Despite concerns from fans and experts about the potential damage Chisora could endure in a fight with the powerful Ngannou, the British heavyweight remains resolute. He is actively campaigning for the fight and has even shared a mock fight poster on social media to drum up interest.

Chisora expressed his serious intent by stating, “I want everybody, I want Francis Ngannou yeah, I wanna get it. It’ll be a great fight, and I’ll knock him out. He’s amazing, he’s a great fighter, he’s a strong guy, he’s a great MMA fighter, he caught Tyson on a bad day, and it happens.”

However, many wonder if Chisora, who’s older, smaller, and has shown signs of wear and tear over his career, would be able to withstand Ngannou’s raw power and strength. While Fury may have underestimated Ngannou when they fought, the Nigerian fighter’s abilities were evident. Chisora’s heart and determination are commendable, but they also raise concerns that he may be putting his health at risk in pursuit of this fight.

The idea of Chisora knocking out Ngannou seems unlikely, especially given that he hasn’t scored a stoppage since 2019. Facing a heavyweight with Ngannou’s prowess is a daunting challenge, and it remains to be seen if Chisora can land meaningful punches on his opponent. Protecting Chisora from this fight may be essential, not only for his well-being but also for the sport’s reputation.

The enthusiasm around the potential fight is undeniable, but it’s essential to prioritize fighters’ safety, and in this case, it could be a mismatch that the boxing world should carefully consider.

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