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Iron Mike's Haymaker Spells Doom for Jake Paul, Chuck Liddell Warns

Former UFC champion Chuck Liddell has issued a stern warning to Jake Paul ahead of his highly anticipated bout against Mike Tyson, asserting that if the boxing legend lands a punch, it’s game over for Paul.

Speaking to TMZ Sports at LAX, Liddell didn’t hold back in his assessment of the fight, confidently stating, “As soon as Tyson hits him, it’s over.” Despite Tyson’s age of 57, Liddell believes the power in his punches remains formidable, emphasizing that “the last thing to go is power.”

While many betting websites may favor Paul due to his age and recent victories, Liddell remains steadfast in his prediction. He points out that Tyson’s continued ability to deliver powerful blows makes him a formidable opponent, regardless of age.

Liddell’s advice for Paul is simple: “Keep covered up, man.” With the fight scheduled to take place in four months, Liddell’s warning serves as a reminder of the potential consequences if Paul underestimates Tyson’s punching power.

Fans eagerly await the outcome of this clash between generations, with Tyson’s legendary status and Paul’s rising star making for an intriguing matchup.

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