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Intense Face-off Between Eubank Jr and Liam Smith At Weigh-ins of Smith vs Eubank Jr

In the lead-up to their Saturday night clash, both Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith brought a palpable intensity to Friday’s weigh-in.

Smith successfully weighed in at 11st 6lbs, while Eubank met the middleweight limit at 11st 5lbs 5oz.

After the weigh-in formalities, a tense face-off ensued, with neither fighter willing to back down. Kalle Sauerland, Eubank’s promoter, intervened to separate them gently, allowing for photos to be taken.

In that charged moment, a brief exchange of words occurred before they parted ways, knowing that the next time they meet would be in the ring on Saturday night.

Eubank emphasized the significance of the impending fight, especially due to his previous loss to Smith, where he was stopped in the fourth round. He stressed the immense importance of securing a victory in this rematch.

“This fight is a do-or-die situation. It holds tremendous weight in my career; everything is on the line.”

Eubank’s determination was evident as he continued:

“Pressure has been a constant companion since day one—from within, from my father, and from the fans. It’s what has propelled me forward. I welcome the pressure.”

He confidently predicted an intense battle, stating:

“This will be an all-out war; he won’t make it to the twelfth round.”

In response, Smith promptly fired back, challenging Eubank’s assertion:

“He won’t even reach the twelfth round because I’ll stop him again.”

Smith expressed his disbelief at Eubank’s statement, considering his past victory.

“After I halted him in only four rounds, his claim sounds unbelievable.”

The verbal exchanges between the two fighters amplified the anticipation for their rematch, promising an explosive showdown inside the ring.

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