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'If Spence Was Weight Drained, That’s Just Bad Coaching on Derrick James’ Part' - Says Bomac About Spence Weight Drain Issue

Trainer Brian McIntyre doesn’t subscribe to the idea that Errol Spence Jr.’s loss to Terence Crawford was solely due to his weight cut, as he points out that the responsibility for that lies with Spence’s own coach, Derrick James.

Crawford, under the guidance of McIntyre, emerged as the unified welterweight champion in July by stopping Spence in the ninth round at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Though Spence refrained from making excuses for his performance, speculations have circulated post-fight suggesting that his longtime adherence to the 147-pound weight limit may have drained him. A rematch is now being planned after Spence invoked his rematch clause, with the inclination for the rematch to occur at 154 pounds.

Adding fuel to the weight-drain theory, James, Spence’s trainer, recently indicated that a rematch at 154 pounds would yield a different outcome.

In response to James’ remarks, McIntyre expressed his disagreement, stating in an interview with RingIQ TV, “I would say that’s an excuse. He had the same time to weigh in as Bud [Crawford]. He was aware of the fight months before it happened, so if he struggled with his weight, that reflects poorly on Derrick James’ coaching.”

McIntyre emphasized that everyone had ample time to prepare for the fight and stressed that he wasn’t seeking excuses. He asserted that Spence had no justifications, unlike others.

“I would say that is [an excuse],” McIntyre said of James’ comment in an interview with RingIQ TV. “Again, you know, he had to weigh in the same weight as Bud. He knew about the fight months before, so, I mean, if he was weight drained, that’s just bad coaching on Derrick James’ part.

“We all had the right amount of time to prepare for this fight. I’m not looking for no excuses or anything of that nature. Errol had no excuses; everybody else did.”

Crawford, who holds the authority to determine the weight for the rematch, has indicated his willingness to fight Spence at the 154-pound limit.

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