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I Was Financially Struggling Before Joining I'm A Celebrity

Tony Bellew, the former boxing champion, has unveiled a candid truth about his financial hardships before entering the world of reality TV on “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!” His revelation sheds light on the lesser-known struggles of a celebrated athlete.

Arriving in the jungle alongside other celebrities, Bellew shared his story of financial strain despite his successful boxing career. Reflecting on his journey with his campmates, he admitted to living “fight to fight” and feeling far from financial stability, even after achieving his lifelong dream of winning a world title at Goodison Park.

The boxer revealed that despite the glory in the ring, he continued working due to mounting bills and a “heavy mortgage.” Bellew recounted a moment in the kitchen with his partner, where they realized their distant reality from financial security, candidly admitting, “We were basically skint.”

Despite earning decent money after defending his world title, it was his bouts with David Haye that significantly bolstered his financial situation, bringing in earnings that surpassed his entire career combined. Bellew admitted that while he struggled financially, everything eventually fell into place.

His decision to join “I’m A Celebrity” almost faltered when his grandmother, aged 97, passed away just after he signed the contract. Bellew shared the emotional turmoil, expressing regrets about the timing of the show amidst his personal loss. He acknowledged the vital role his grandmother played in his life, being a pillar of support in a single-parent household after his father’s departure when he was young.

Despite grappling with grief, Bellew honored his commitment to the show, stating his grandmother’s wish to watch the series. He highlighted her endearing nature, reminiscing about her invaluable presence in his upbringing.

As Bellew navigates the challenges of the jungle, his story resonates with many, shedding light on the financial struggles faced by athletes and the balancing act between personal grief and professional commitments.

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