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'I want to run it back in MMA, $10million PFL' - says Jake Paul post Paul vs Diaz Showdown

Paul vs Diaz rivalry could see a sequel, but this time in a different sport. Diaz has agreed to Paul’s proposed Paul vs Diaz rematch offer of $10 million, provided it takes place within the Professional Fighters League (PFL) and is co-promoted by Diaz’s organization, Real Fight Inc.

The YouTube celebrity-turned-boxer Paul had an impressive outing against Diaz, clinching a clear decision victory over ten rounds in their bout at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Although Diaz showed perseverance in the later rounds, it was insufficient to topple ‘The Problem Child’ with the judges scoring the fight 97-92, 98-91, and 98-91 in Paul’s favor.

Before their initial faceoff in the ring, Paul suggested an MMA rematch against Diaz, which Diaz indicated would require more than a $10 million purse. Following their boxing encounter, Paul reiterated his $10 million proposal, and Diaz accepted, given that it’s a co-promotion with the PFL and his company.

Paul lauded his team and expressed his eagerness for the Paul vs Diaz rematch in the MMA realm, stating, “I won one, now it’s your chance in home territory of MMA.” He further highlighted Diaz’s toughness, a quality he’s known for, but observed that in the realm of boxing, toughness alone is not enough.

“All credit to my team and I want to run it back in MMA, $10million PFL,” that’s the offer. Let’s run it back in MMA to make it fair. I won one, now it’s your chance in home territory of MMA. He’s real tough, that’s what he’s known for but tough in this sport doesn’t work. I knocked him and won basically every round, I had him hurt in the first round and he kept on coming.

Diaz responded to Paul’s proposal with readiness, expressing disappointment in his own performance but demonstrating his willingness to fight anyone. He joked about his MMA moves during the boxing match, mentioning a guillotine choke in the ninth round, and suggesting he “won that battle.”

“Let’s do it,” Diaz replied to Paul’s offer. “We’re going to have to co-promote with Real Fight Inc. He’s big and he’s tough, I wish I could have done better things but some s***, it didn’t go the way I wanted it to. I should have trained better and done better things but it’s all good. He won this one but i’ll fight anyone, I don’t give a f***.

“I wasn’t trying to but I had the single leg [takedown] in the first round and the choke in the ninth, so I won that battle. He’s tough and he’s big, I think he’s doing a great job.”

“I’m glad I had a worthy opponent, someone who has done something out of fighting and also made a big name for themselves inside of fighting too. That’s what I like, I can go out there against somebody who everyone thinks is going to whip my a** when I beg to differ. So we can definitely come and get that back.”

Diaz appreciated having a formidable opponent in Paul, recognizing his accomplishments both in and out of the fighting world. He expressed interest in facing someone who is generally expected to defeat him, stating he “begs to differ.” With the prospect of Paul vs Diaz MMA rematch, Diaz is eager to redeem himself.

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