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'I never saw Dubois fight' - Mike Tyson reacts to Usyk vs Dubois Fight

Mike Tyson, the legendary former world heavyweight champion, recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming Usyk vs Dubois  fight between British heavyweight hopeful Daniel Dubois and Ukrainian champion Oleksandr Usyk. Tyson believes that the greatest fighters are the ones who face tough challenges and opponents from all walks of life, but he admitted that he has not personally watched Daniel Dubois in action.

“The greatest fighters fight everybody.”

When asked about his prediction for the Usyk vs Dubois fight, Tyson stated that he would stick with the champion, Usyk, as he hasn’t seen Dubois fight before. Many others also favor Usyk in this bout, believing that Dubois only has a “puncher’s chance” against the experienced champion.

“I never saw Dubois fight. I’m going to stick with the champion. [Usyk]”

Despite being just 25 years old, Dubois is considered a seasoned fighter in the heavyweight division compared to Tyson’s early achievements when he won his first world title at the age of 20 after 27 professional fights.

Usyk, who is now 36 years old, is hoping for a victory in this Usyk vs Dubois fight. There are hopes that if he wins, negotiations can take place for a potential showdown between Usyk and WBC champion Tyson Fury, aiming to create the first undisputed heavyweight fight in over two decades. However, Fury has his own challenge ahead in the form of a bout against MMA star Francis Ngannou, and it’s worth noting that Tyson has been appointed as one of Ngannou’s trainers for the match in Riyadh, scheduled for October.

The potential outcome of the Usyk vs Dubois fight carries significant implications for the future of the heavyweight division. Should Usyk emerge victorious, the hope is that negotiations can be initiated for a historic showdown between Usyk and the reigning WBC champion, Tyson Fury. The boxing world eagerly anticipates the possibility of an undisputed heavyweight title fight, which would mark the first time in over two decades that one fighter would hold all four major belts in the division.

However, Tyson Fury faces his own tough challenge before such a bout can become a reality. He is set to take on MMA superstar Francis Ngannou, and interestingly, Tyson himself has been officially appointed as one of Ngannou’s trainers for this highly-anticipated crossover match scheduled in Riyadh for October. This unique collaboration has added an intriguing subplot to the heavyweight landscape and garnered significant attention from both boxing and MMA enthusiasts.

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