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'I fancy a fight with Brock, for sure' - Deontay Wilder is Interested In Fighting Brock Lesnar

Deontay Wilder finds himself in a challenging situation after discussions for a bout with Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia fell through. The collapse came as Saudi backers were keen on hosting a doubleheader featuring Wilder vs Joshua and Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk. However, negotiations between Fury and Usyk fell apart, throwing a wrench in Wilder and Joshua’s plans. Eddie Hearn, Joshua’s promoter, is now considering alternative locations like Las Vegas and the UK for his fighter’s next match.

Wilder, who hasn’t fought for nearly a year, faces further delays. Hearn indicated that Joshua aims to return to the ring in December, postponing a potential clash with Wilder to spring of next year. This would mean another seven months of inactivity for Wilder, which his co-manager Shelly Finkel is keen to avoid.

One intriguing possibility for Wilder is a showdown with former WWE and UFC heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar. In a discussion with TMZ, Wilder said:

“I’ll go straight with Brock Lesnar.”

He explained his view that Lesnar’s muscular build would be a disadvantage in a boxing match, saying:

“So, I think Brock Lesnar will be way too muscular. So, when you muscular like that, you knock off your flexibility.”

This potential matchup has the chance to overshadow Tyson Fury’s own crossover bout against Francis Ngannou, which took many by surprise. In the past, Fury himself had mentioned wanting to fight Lesnar, stating in an interview with True Geordie:

“I fancy a fight with Brock, for sure.”

However, his bravado seemed to lessen in a later backstage exchange with Lesnar at a WWE event.

In any case, a Deontay Wilder vs Brock Lesnar fight, either in boxing or MMA, would surely captivate fans and generate massive interest.

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