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'He’s Never Fought Anyone At My Level'- says Errol Spence Jr. at the Final Press Conference of Spence vs Crawford Showdown

At the Final Press conference of Spence vs Crawford, Errol Spence Jr made it clear that he considers Terence Crawford’s past opponents to be below his level of competition. He believes that Crawford’s lack of experience against top-tier fighters will cause problems for him in the upcoming Spence vs Crawford fight. Spence aims to test Crawford by applying relentless pressure from the start, forcing him to react and adapt quickly.

In previous fights, Crawford had the luxury of taking his time to figure out weaker opponents and rally back for victories. However, Spence doubts that this approach will work against him. He plans to keep up a high punch output and pressure throughout the entire fight, leaving Crawford no room to take it easy early on. Spence said:

“He’s never fought anyone at my level. It’s definitely getting to him. He’s ready to jump on the fans and fight.”

The face-off between the two fighters showed a focused and mentally prepared Crawford, but Spence still believes he can unsettle him during the bout. He expects a tactical match in the early rounds, but his relentless approach may force Crawford to fight more aggressively than he is used to.

Spence points out that Crawford’s recent opponents has been relatively weak compared to the level of competition he will face in the Spence vs Crawford fight. He also mentions Crawford’s age and physical changes as potential factors that might affect his performance.

Shawn Porter, who has fought both Spence and Crawford, shares his own insights into Crawford’s strategic brilliance in the ring. Porter admits that he couldn’t decipher Crawford’s tactics during their fight, and his retirement indicates that facing rising stars like Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis would have been a challenging prospect for him. Porter said:

“I saw him today on the podium when they did their face-off, and when he turned to look at the crowd, he was swaying back & forth. He’s mentally checked in for the fight.

“His energy is at fight level already. Both of them mean hurt, but Terence shows how much he means. Errol is very poised in the ring and has that poker face. He’ll show small signs of frustration, but they’ll come & go by the snap of a finger.

“I do think we’re going to get a very strategic fight up to four or five rounds. That’s if somebody doesn’t land something clean that upsets the other. Both guys will still remain poised.

“If anybody is going to get upset & heated, I think it’s going to be Terence. He’s going to be the one that is going to try and push those buttons. But for five or six rounds, this could be that chess match.”

However, Spence remains confident that Crawford will struggle to handle the pressure and high-level competition in the upcoming Spence vs Crawford showdown. He sees the fight as a significant test for Crawford, who will need to showcase his best skills and adapt quickly to Spence’s aggressive approach. Porter’s perspective further emphasizes the challenges posed by Crawford in the ring and highlights his strategic brilliance as a fighter.

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