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'He’s [Conor Benn] getting a lot of hate which I don’t like to see' - Carl Froch Makes His Feelings Clear before Conor Benn's Ring Return

Conor Benn is preparing for his return to the boxing ring this Saturday, but his recent drug test controversy continues to cast a shadow over his career. Carl Froch, a former boxing champion, has expressed the view that Benn should face the consequences of his actions before public trust can be fully restored.

Benn’s last fight took place in April 2022, but he faced the specter of two failed doping tests leading up to his ill-fated bout with Chris Eubank Jr in October. Despite maintaining his innocence, Benn was briefly under provisional suspension in the UK earlier this year, a decision that was subsequently lifted. However, the British Boxing Board of Control has announced its intention to appeal this decision.

Currently free to compete, Benn is scheduled to face Rodolfo Orozco from Mexico at the super-welterweight limit of 154lbs in Florida this Saturday.

“It’s gone on for so long I’m almost switched off to it. He’s getting a lot of hate which I don’t like to see but he’s got this dark cloud over him cause he failed a drugs test. Great he’s moving on, but I want to know what’s going on with him getting a British Boxing Board of Control license.”

Carl Froch, speaking with Talk Sport Boxing, expressed his frustration with the protracted saga. He noted the public backlash Benn has faced due to the failed drug test and questioned the status of Benn’s British Boxing Board of Control license.

Froch also highlighted the issue of Benn choosing to fight overseas instead of addressing the licensing matter in the UK, describing it as a “grey area.” He emphasized the importance of professional boxing maintaining its credibility, especially in the eyes of casual fans, and stressed the need for accountability and adherence to regulations.

“It’s a shame. It puts a grey area on why he’s allowed to fight in Florida and not Britain. But I understand, it’s a technicality. But also you have to hold professional boxing as paramount importance in terms of how it looks to the armchair fan and if it just looks like they’re pulling one over on the Boxing Board or doing their own thing and sticking their middle finger up to the correct officials and it’s bad and it shouldn’t be happening.”

Froch ultimately called on Benn and his team to engage with the Board, face any necessary consequences related to the failed drug test, and only then resume Benn’s professional career.

“When are they going to sit in front of the board and take their punishment for the failed drugs test? Because my understanding is that’s what needs to happen before Connor Benn can move on with his professional career. Until then they’re just p**sing in the wind.”

Negotiations between Benn and Chris Eubank Jr have surfaced, suggesting a potential future bout for both fighters if Benn emerges victorious this weekend. However, the location for this match remains uncertain. Promoter Eddie Hearn revealed that, during the process of securing a license to fight in the United States, consultations with the British Boxing Board of Control were conducted to address these matters.

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