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Hatton's Prediction Fury vs. Usyk Showdown - The Battle for Heavyweight Supremacy

In a matter of weeks, the heavyweight division will witness a clash of titans as Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk square off to determine the undisputed champion. The anticipation for the February 17 showdown is reaching its peak, with both fighters claiming supremacy in the heavyweight ranks.

Fury, the current WBC champion, enters the ring with lingering questions following his less-than-impressive performance against Francis Ngannou in October. Despite being dropped by the former UFC star, Fury secured victory on points, maintaining the support of many within the boxing community, including former champion Ricky Hatton.
Hatton prediction

Hatton, in an interview with Instant Casino, shared his emphatic prediction for the bout, stating, “I think Tyson will come through against Usyk.” Hatton highlighted Fury’s advantages in terms of size, strength, reach, and boxing ability, drawing a favorable comparison against Usyk.

While acknowledging Usyk’s unique style and potential advantages in size, Hatton believes Fury’s experience against larger opponents like Wilder, Whyte, and Ngannou will be a crucial factor. He pointed out Tyson’s versatility, citing his ability to body punch – a perceived vulnerability for Usyk – and switch to a southpaw stance.

In Hatton’s view, the smaller stature of Usyk presents a challenge Fury hasn’t faced in years, potentially causing issues in the ring. However, Hatton remains confident in Tyson’s heart, defensive prowess, and ability to adapt to various styles, ultimately predicting Fury’s triumph in the later rounds.

As the boxing world eagerly awaits the clash between Fury and Usyk, Hatton’s insights add to the intrigue surrounding the high-stakes bout.

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