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Haney's Odd Strategy: Shea Butter Controversy Overshadows Ryan Garcia Fight Promotion

In a bizarre turn of events, Bill Haney, the father and manager of WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney, has taken an unusual approach to social media promotion ahead of Devin’s upcoming fight against Ryan Garcia. Rather than focusing on promoting the highly anticipated matchup set for April 20th on DAZN, Bill has chosen to mock Ryan Garcia’s choice of hair products, specifically questioning his use of shea butter cream.

The peculiar social media posts have left fans and boxing enthusiasts puzzled, raising questions about Bill’s priorities in the lead-up to one of the year’s biggest boxing events. The misplaced focus on Ryan’s hair rather than the fight itself has sparked speculation about Bill’s true intentions and whether it could potentially harm the promotion of Devin’s bout.

Bill’s posts have taken an unconventional turn, with comments such as, “We won’t be surprised next time,” referencing a face-off where Bill claims to have detected a peculiar scent emanating from Ryan’s hair product choice. The overarching concern now centers on whether this is a strategic distraction tactic, a sign of misplaced focus, or simply a dad being a dad.

This unconventional promotional strategy could have detrimental effects on Devin’s fight promotion, potentially impacting the pay-per-view success of the event. With Bill seemingly sidetracked by unrelated topics, there are worries that the necessary focus and attention needed for successful fight promotion are being compromised.

In the world of boxing, where pre-fight hype plays a crucial role, Bill’s current social media approach may backfire. The odd Shea Butter controversy, instead of fueling excitement for the Devin vs. Ryan matchup, has shifted the spotlight to unrelated matters, leaving fans and observers scratching their heads.

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