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Golden Boy Concerned About Ryan Garcia's Allegiance!

In a surprising turn of events, Floyd Mayweather’s camaraderie with rising boxing star Ryan Garcia has triggered a warning from Golden Boy Promotions. The legendary five-weight champion joined forces with Garcia, leading to a change in the young boxer’s fight plans and drawing criticism from Oscar De La Hoya, Golden Boy’s head.

De La Hoya, while acknowledging the positive aspect of Garcia learning from Mayweather, emphasized the need for their friendship to remain non-promotional. The tension escalated as Mayweather’s influence seemed to sway Garcia’s fight preferences, causing friction with De La Hoya and Golden Boy.

Despite initial reassurances from De La Hoya that all was well between the parties, recent statements indicate growing impatience on his part. The former world champion made it clear that any promotional interference from Mayweather would not be tolerated. He highlighted the sudden shift in Garcia’s choice of opponents, citing Mayweather’s influence in steering him away from a potential fight with Haney to pursuing one with Rolly.

De La Hoya explicitly warned Mayweather not to overstep boundaries, stating, “Pre-run with Floyd = Ryan wants Haney. Post-run with Floyd = Ryan wants Rolly.” He reminded Mayweather that Golden Boy has played a significant role in Garcia’s success and urged him to stay out of promotional matters.

As tensions rise, it remains to be seen how this dynamic will impact Garcia’s career and the relationship between Mayweather and Golden Boy. The boxing community is closely watching as the saga unfolds.

In a recent twist, Mayweather criticized Haney as not being a star, aligning Garcia with boxing elites Gervonta Davis and Canelo Alvarez. Haney fired back, questioning Garcia’s drawing power and raising doubts about his pay-per-view success.

Golden Boy Promotions has worked tirelessly to elevate Garcia’s status in the boxing world, making him a marquee attraction. De La Hoya made it clear that Mayweather’s role, if any, should be limited to imparting defensive skills rather than meddling in promotional affairs.

As the boxing drama unfolds, stay tuned for updates on this unexpected clash between Mayweather, Golden Boy, and the rising star Ryan Garcia.

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