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Gervonta Davis Declines Conor Benn Fight: What Now?

image of gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis declined the offer to face off against the Conor Benn!

Davis, who last stepped into the ring in April last year, had previously rejected an offer to fight Devin Haney, citing extravagant demands for compensation. However, following Benn’s victory over Peter Dobson earlier this month, Davis expressed interest in a potential bout with the rising star.

Eddie Hearn, excited by the prospect of a high-profile matchup, extended an offer to Davis, reportedly worth around $15 million. Yet, despite the initial enthusiasm, it appears that the highly anticipated showdown between Davis and Benn will not come to fruition. According to reports from boxing reporter Michael Benson, Davis has declined the offer to fight Benn, leaving fans and pundits alike disappointed.

As speculation mounts over Davis’s decision, attention has shifted to Conor Benn’s next move. In light of Davis’s refusal, Eddie Hearn revealed that negotiations are underway with alternative opponents for Benn’s upcoming fight. Among the names mentioned is Danny Garcia, along with several other potential contenders. While the specifics remain uncertain, it’s evident that Benn’s camp is exploring various options to keep the momentum going.

In the midst of this development, Conor Benn has set his sights on another formidable opponent: Mario Barrios, the WBC World Interim welterweight champion. Benn’s trainer, Bob Santos, acknowledges the challenge posed by Barrios, highlighting his fighter’s willingness to take on tough opponents. Santos believes that a matchup between Benn and Barrios would present a significant test for both fighters, potentially surpassing the level of difficulty in Benn’s proposed clash with Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis, the IBF welterweight champion.

As discussions continue to unfold, the boxing community eagerly awaits further updates on potential matchups and developments in both Gervonta Davis’s and Conor Benn’s careers. While Davis’s decision may have delayed a highly anticipated showdown, the sport remains rife with possibilities, with emerging talents like Benn and seasoned veterans like Davis shaping the landscape of professional boxing.

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