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Fury vs. Usyk Will the Third Showdown Live Up to Expectations or Deliver Another Heavyweight Letdown?

In the unpredictable world of heavyweight boxing, the much-anticipated clash between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk is teetering on the edge of skepticism. Slated for May 18th after two previous postponements, fans and experts are left wondering if the bout will finally unfold or if it’s destined to be a cursed spectacle, reminiscent of past letdowns in the boxing arena.

Fury’s track record of abandoning the December date, coupled with a narrow escape from defeat against pro debutant Francois Ngannou in October, has added fuel to the uncertainty. A “freak cut” during sparring torpedoed the February 17th rescheduling, leaving fans in doubt and fueling conspiracy theories of the match being hexed.

To combat skepticism, Usyk’s team, led by Egis Klimas, took a proactive stance by demanding a hefty $10 million penalty clause if either fighter withdraws from the May 18th showdown. Turki Alalshikh, the man behind the Saudi spectacle, reportedly accepted this condition to ensure commitment from both unbeaten heavyweights.

“It was our request when negotiating,” Klimas revealed. “We said to the Saudis, if you are going to move the fight, make sure you include the penalty.” With both fighters agreeing to the substantial financial consequence, the question remains: will the third time prove productive, or will the $10 million penalty be triggered?

As the countdown to May 18th begins, the specter of past disappointments looms large. The fate of this colossal clash rests on the shoulders of two fighters determined to make history. Whether the heavyweight blockbuster becomes a reality or succumbs to the curse that seems to linger, only time will tell.

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