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Fury vs Ngannou rematch clause - A hope for Deontay Wilder to regain WBC Heavyweight Championship

Boxing enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating Deontay Wilder’s potential reclaim of the WBC heavyweight championship, amid the unfolding Fury vs Ngannou saga. The rematch clause in the Fury vs Ngannou contract has stirred considerable controversy, prompting calls for the World Boxing Council to intervene and add clarity to this somewhat muddled situation.

The fate of Tyson Fury’s heavyweight belt seems uncertain, should he unexpectedly lose the Fury vs Ngannou bout. The prospect of “The Gypsy King” surrendering his championship to Ngannou is causing a frenzy in the boxing community, sparking widespread debate.

The first Fury vs Ngannou showdown in October divided fans’ opinions. As the current WBC titleholder, Fury’s obligation to defend his championship is viewed as a privileged responsibility. Many argue that his apparent failure to offer a top fifteen contender a well-deserved shot is unjust, especially if he proceeds with the Fury vs Ngannou rematch.

Fury’s legendary stature, reach, and technical prowess have, ironically, placed him under scrutiny. His victories over former long-term champion Deontay Wilder projected him to be among the greatest WBC heavyweight champions. However, many critics have questioned the quality of his adversaries before and after Wilder.

In the Fury vs Ngannou context, Ngannou, the ex-UFC heavyweight champion, seems like an underdog despite his explosive punching power. His odds in the Fury vs Ngannou match remain dubious against the technically superior Fury.

The build-up to the Fury vs Ngannou match is promising high octane action. The stark contrast in styles and unpredictability of the fight’s outcome have boxing and MMA fans split. Should Ngannou land a powerful punch and Fury hits the canvas, the WBC will find itself in an interesting predicament.

Meanwhile, the Wilder-Ruiz Jr. WBC eliminator becomes all the more significant due to the Fury-Ngannou situation. The winner is likely to become the full champion if Fury decides to proceed with a second bout against Ngannou in 2024. If negotiations fall through, Wilder could potentially reclaim the WBC title by default. Wilder’s determination to reclaim the title remains undeterred, regardless of the outcome of the Fury vs Ngannou saga.

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