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Fulton's Coach Calls Inoue's a Cheater Ahead of Epic Fulton Vs Inoue Showdown in Tokyo

Stephen Fulton’s coach voiced his apprehensions regarding Naoya Inoue’s hand-wrapping method during the concluding press briefing for the upcoming Fulton Vs Inoue fight on July 25th, taking place at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo. Fulton’s coach disclosed that he advised Fulton that it wouldn’t matter if Inoue were to have “bricks in his gloves” because Fulton would still come out victorious.

The trainer, however, highlighted his worry over safety and refuses to ignore this issue. He raised the point that Inoue, the ex-champion of three divisions, known as ‘Monster’ Inoue (24-0, 21 KOs), typically has his hands wrapped with a substantial amount of tape, which gives the appearance of a “cast.”

He further stated that his boxer won’t participate in the Fulton Vs Inoue fight if the hand wrapping isn’t done safely. Inoue, recognized for his ability to knock out opponents with a single punch, could face reputation damage if his victories are found to be aided by excessive hand tape.

According to reports, the Fulton Vs Inoue faceoff is scheduled to be the most high-profile boxing event on July 25th. Verifying allegations about Inoue’s past use of excess hand tape will be challenging. Nonetheless, Fulton’s coach intends to scrutinize the hand-wrapping process on fight day to ensure it meets his safety standards. This raises questions about whether Inoue’s prowess will diminish if he reduces the amount of hand tape, and the financial implications for Fulton if he opts out of the fight.

Surprisingly, Inoue appeared to take the accusations calmly, unlike many boxers who might react more strongly. Fulton (21-0, 8 KOs) seemed caught off guard by his coach’s prepared remarks but didn’t voice any objections, suggesting that he was aware of them beforehand. The trainer mentioned the challenges of competing with Inoue on his home turf in Japan.

An exciting question emerges: will Inoue’s team compromise on the amount of hand tape used? If so, it could potentially alter Inoue’s power dynamics in the ring. Lacking Fulton’s skillset, Inoue’s strengths lie in the velocity, power, and precision of his punches, as he typically seeks a one-punch knockout like Canelo Alvarez.

Fulton’s coach said at the press conference:

“I talked to Fulton about my concerns, and he asked me not to discuss my concerns. Fulton said, ‘I don’t care if he has bricks in his gloves. I will still win.

“As I admire his courage, I have to do my job and look out for his safety. In previous fights, Inoue and his team have wrapped his hands with an excessive amount of tape on his skin and then put gauze and more tape, which creates a cast.

“This is not an assumption. I have proof. We could also wrap our hands in the same fashion, but where is the level of safety for the fighter? If this issue isn’t resolved, I will not allow my fighter into the ring.

“We are already behind enemy lines. We have made no requests, nothing at all. We have not even asked for a rematch clause. This is the only request that we had made. I would like for the hand wraps to be wrapped in a safe manner, not with tape on the hands or on the skin.”

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