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From 90 Days in Jail to Fighting for the Undisputed Titles, Crawford has come a long way - Spence vs Crawford

Born with a natural talent for both boxing and reading his opponents, Crawford’s resilience and toughness were shaped by the constant arguments he witnessed between his parents and the abuse he endured from his mother, Debra, who was a heavy drinker.

“I got hit with a belt, a toy, a stick, extension cord, a switch off a tree, whatever,” he once said. “At the same time, my pain tolerance went up. It came to the point where it built toughness. Yeah, it hurt, but I wasn’t scared. I knew what was coming. Wasn’t nothing I wasn’t prepared for.

“I always have the ability to believe in myself when nobody else does. [Later, aged 12] I just look at her like, ‘Pshh, that don’t hurt’. I grabbed the belt, tell her, ‘You ain’t hitting me no more’.”

Crawford developed into a knockout machine, becoming one of boxing’s top fighters. He was drawn to boxing from a young age and endured a tough upbringing, which contributed to his high pain tolerance and unwavering self-belief.

Growing up in Omaha, he found solace at the CW gym, where he trained alongside members of various gangs. His trainer, Brian McIntyre, a former member of the Insane Vice Lords, played a crucial role in shaping his boxing career.

The tough environment at home was matched by the presence of strong women, including his mother, sisters, grandmother, and aunt, who faced their own challenges.

Despite facing difficulties in his personal life, Crawford’s talent as a fighter caught the attention of Timothy Bradley, who recognized his potential and trained with him.

In 2014, Crawford got his chance to become a world champion, defeating Ricky Burns with ease. Throughout his career, he faced numerous dangerous situations, including being shot at, but emerged unscathed.

Crawford’s path to greatness continued as he moved up to welterweight and became the WBO champion by defeating Jeff Horn. His ultimate goal was to become the undisputed welterweight champion, setting up a highly anticipated clash with Errol Spence Jr.

On the upcoming Saturday night, Crawford and Spence will finally face each other for the undisputed welterweight world titles at Spence vs Crawford bout, making it one of the most significant fights in boxing history.




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