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Froch Questions Fury's Future: 'He Can't Do It Anymore,' Aging or Adaptive Strategy?"

Former boxing champion Carl Froch casts doubt on Tyson Fury’s ability to maintain his high-level performance, citing advancing age, diminished mobility, and recent fights where Fury has taken more punishment. Froch questions the feasibility of Fury’s five-fight plan for the future, especially considering the caliber of opponents on his list.

Fury’s close call against Francis Ngannou raises concerns for Froch, who suggests that a real boxer like Zhilei Zhang, Jared Anderson, or Filip Hrgovic might have exposed Fury’s vulnerabilities more. Noting Fury’s increased vulnerability and reduced use of feints, Froch speculates on structural decline rather than an adaptive strategy.

In the upcoming bout against Oleksandr Usyk on May 18th, Froch anticipates a tough challenge for Fury, and a bad loss could potentially lead to Fury hanging up his gloves, unless enticed back with Saudi money.

Froch emphasizes that Fury’s slowing down is evident in his flat-footed style and increased susceptibility to punches, raising questions about the heavyweight champion’s longevity in the sport. Despite still favoring Fury against Anthony Joshua, Froch acknowledges the uncertainties surrounding Fury’s future fights, especially with elite contenders.

As Fury navigates the challenges ahead, the boxing world eagerly awaits to see if he can dispel Froch’s doubts and continue his reign in the heavyweight division.

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