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Frank Warren Optimistic Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua Will Happen on December 3, Despite Not Being Signed – Despite the contract not being signed, Tyson Fury’s promoter Frank Warren is optimistic that the potential Anthony Joshua fight will happen on December 3. Warren’s team has sent a contract over to AJ’s representatives last week and they are currently reviewing them, but no further progress made yet.

“No. It’s not signed yet. We’re waiting for them to come back to us,” Warren told talkSPORT in a recent interview.

“But I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be signed.

“The main crux of the negotiations are the splits which are agreed – 60/40.

“There’s a rematch clause which is agreed – 50/50.

“The big problem was when the fight would take place, it’s December.

Fury is the WBC heavyweight world champion
Tyson Fury still holds the WBC belt following his announcement to cancel his retirement last month.

“To give everybody comfort we’ve even said that they can be involved in all the broadcast contracts, sponsorships and everything, so they can see that everything’s above board.

“That side of it, we satisfied any worries they may have.

“There’s no worries about payment because they will get paid direct from the respective TV companies, so that side of it’s sorted out.

Warren also made sure about the broadcasting rights. Fury has exclusive broadcasting deals with BT in the UK and ESPN in the USA, while Joshua has his own exclusive partnership with DAZN. He is optimistic that both sides can come to an agreement as the contract is signed.

“And then we’ve got the broadcasters. The broadcasters haven’t got together yet because we haven’t signed our contract yet, but I don’t see that being a problem.

“How can any broadcasters stop this fight from happening?

“I mean if they did that, they could not have the best interests of British boxing.

“I think our side [BT Sport], all they wanna do is make this fight happen and that’s where we’re at.

“And I’m sure the DAZN people will be the same. Why wouldn’t they want this fight to happen?”

Warren concluded on the matter: “We’ve made this a deal you can’t refuse.

“And there is no reason it should be refused because AJ came out and said he wanted it.

“So if he wants it, he’s got to instruct his team to make it happen.”

Despite Warren being optimistic about the fight, he is still waiting and gives a deadline for Joshua to provide a response by the end of the week. He also emphasized that Fury has been more than generous with his demands in trying to get a fight with Joshua. If for whatever reason, a deal is unable to make, the fault will not lie with Fury and the team.

“Tyson is the number one heavyweight in the world. It’s his title on the line. AJ’s ranked about number six at the moment … and that’s what it is. But we’re bending over backwards – I’m sorry, Tyson’s bending over backwards to make it happen. Let’s make it happen. There’s no reason why this fight shouldn’t go on.

Frank Warren (right) is waiting for the AJ’s response by the end of this week.

“If it doesn’t go on, for any reason, it won’t be from our side. If it doesn’t go on I can’t believe that AJ – after what he’s come out and said that he wants to fight – that it can be down to him (Fury). So make it happen. We only have a short window to do this. By the end of this week we need this – it’s either on or it’s not. And if it’s not we’ll move on. And they’ll do what they got to do.”

“If it doesn’t happen, do not be looking at us,” Warren warned. “Do not be blaming us.”

The ball is now on Anthony Joshua, will he accept Fury’s last call and prove that he deserves to still be in the business or pass it and put the gloves out waiting for another heavyweight fighter to challenge him?


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