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Frank Warren Defends Tyson Fury's Performance Against Ngannou Amid Criticism

Frank Warren, co-promoter for WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, remains unfazed by the criticism surrounding Fury’s recent performance against MMA veteran Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia. Despite the anticipation of a one-sided match, Ngannou proved to be a formidable opponent in his professional debut, delivering a hard left hand that dropped Fury in the third round.

Warren dismisses conspiracy theories suggesting that Fury intentionally underperformed to delay a planned undisputed fight with unified champion Oleksandr Usyk. Addressing the speculations, Warren emphasizes the challenges Fury faced during the bout, including a near count-out in the third round and overcoming adversity to secure a close ten-round split decision victory.

Refuting claims of a fix, Warren questions the inconsistency in opinions, pointing out that those who initially labeled the fight as a farce are now criticizing it for being a close contest. Despite the unexpected difficulties, Warren affirms that they anticipated Ngannou’s toughness and punching power, expecting Fury to figure him out in the early rounds.

Addressing concerns about the fight’s scoring, Warren asserts that anyone familiar with scoring criteria recognizes Fury’s victory, albeit acknowledging a subpar performance by Fury’s standards. He notes a growing consensus among viewers who, upon reviewing TV replays, are coming around to the opinion that Fury rightfully won the bout despite the challenges posed by Ngannou.

In conclusion, Warren stands by Fury’s victory, emphasizing the unpredictability of the sport and the resilience displayed by the champion in overcoming unexpected obstacles. The discourse surrounding Fury’s performance, according to Warren, underscores the complexities of high-stakes boxing matchups and the ever-evolving perspectives within the boxing community.

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