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Former US Heavyweight Sensation Makes Shocking Move to Russia, Changes Name in Honor of Putin!

In a surprising turn of events, veteran heavyweight Kevin Johnson has officially become a Russian citizen, adopting the name Kevin Vladimirovich after gaining the approval of President Vladimir Putin himself. The 44-year-old made the bold decision after declaring his intentions last summer and has now secured a Russian passport, paving the way for a lifelong change. Johnson, who recently fought in Moscow, expressed his desire to become a full-time resident in Russia and pursue his boxing career under the guidance of Russian promoter Vladimir Khryunov.

Following his approval, Johnson is set to continue his boxing journey under the national flag of Russia, with his inaugural bout scheduled for February. His move to Russia is not just about fighting; he has also been appointed as a coach at the Olympic training center in Samara, where he will impart his experience to younger Russian boxers. Khryunov stated, “Kevin will be officially registered as a resident of Samara, where he will have his own apartment and an official position at the training center.”

In a gesture of admiration for President Putin, Johnson expressed, “This is the day I was reborn again. To pay the greatest compliment to President Vladimir Putin, I have decided to change my name. My name will now be Kevin Vladimirovich. Now I’m 100% Russian.” Johnson, who has fought 60 professional bouts, losing almost half, has been a gatekeeper for young heavyweight contenders over the last decade.

Upon receiving his Russian documents, Johnson celebrated with joy, singing ‘Happy Birthday to me’ while wearing a Putin t-shirt. This unexpected move adds a unique chapter to Johnson’s storied career and brings an intriguing twist to the heavyweight boxing scene. Keep an eye out for Kevin Vladimirovich as he embarks on this new chapter in his life and career, making waves in Russian boxing circles.

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