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Former Liverpool Star Challenges Roy Keane to £1 Million Boxing Match Over Feud

Jason McAteer, the former Liverpool midfielder, has reignited a long-standing feud with ex-Manchester United captain Roy Keane by challenging him to a £1 million boxing match. The feud between the two former teammates dates back to 2002 when Keane, playing for Sunderland, was sent off for elbowing McAteer during a match at the Stadium of Light. Despite Keane denying any wrongdoing recently, McAteer responded by proposing the boxing challenge during punditry duty for beinSPORTS.

McAteer, speaking out on their clash, emphasized the competitive nature of athletes and the tactics used to gain an edge, stating that knowing how to rattle opponents is part of the game. He recalled the heated incident, expressing disappointment over Keane’s comments and suggesting that a boxing match could settle their differences. McAteer invited Matchroom Sport chairman Eddie Hearn to organize the showdown, highlighting the potential earnings of £1 million each for the bout.

The former footballer highlighted his desire for closure, urging Keane to let bygones be bygones and opt for a civil resolution. McAteer shared his willingness to stop reacting if Keane chose to settle matters amicably. However, he reiterated the offer for the boxing match, calling on Keane to rise above the feud and consider a sporting showdown instead.

The challenge thrown by McAteer to settle their long-standing disagreement in the boxing ring adds a new dimension to their history, raising eyebrows among fans and pundits alike. As the callout gains attention, the possibility of a high-stakes boxing match between the two former football stars becomes a topic of intrigue in the sports world.

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