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Former Anthony Joshua Opponent Turned Bailiff Faces Verbal Onslaught in Viral Confrontation

In a dramatic turn of events, former heavyweight boxer Paul Butlin, who once faced Anthony Joshua in the ring, has become the center of attention for an intense exchange caught on video. Now working as a bailiff, the 47-year-old found himself in a heated confrontation while attempting to deliver a letter concerning an outstanding fine.

Butlin, who spent 14 years as a journeyman boxer before retiring in 2016, boasts a record of 16 wins and 24 losses, with a notable bout against Derek Chisora. However, it was his 2013 clash with a rising Anthony Joshua that remains a highlight, ending in defeat by technical knockout in the second round.

Despite earning a career-high £5,000 for the AJ fight, Butlin’s current profession as a bailiff brought him into a tense standoff captured on video. Uploaded to YouTube last June and recently circulating on X (formerly Twitter), the footage showcases Butlin facing verbal abuse while attempting to carry out his job.

In the clip, the unnamed, enraged man confronts Butlin on his driveway, hurling explicit language and insults. Unfazed, Butlin remains composed, rejecting the man’s offer to fight and emphasizing, “I’m not here to fight you, I’m not a fighter, mate.” The situation escalates as the verbal onslaught continues, with Butlin maintaining his professionalism and delivering the letter before revealing his intent to obtain an arrest warrant from the court.

Despite the cameraman’s attempts to provoke violence, Butlin stands his ground, asserting, “I don’t need loads of people [to arrest you]. What are you on about?” The confrontation ends without physical altercation, but the video has garnered millions of views, showcasing the challenges faced by Butlin in his current role.

Formerly known for his bouts in the boxing ring, Butlin’s unexpected appearance in this viral video has sparked discussions about the difficulties faced by individuals working in professions like bailiff services.

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