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Floyd Mayweather Announces Rematch with John Gotti III Unfinished Business in Las Vegas"

Following a controversial bout in June that ended in chaos and a No Contest ruling, Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III are set for a thrilling rematch, aiming to settle the score once and for all. Their initial fight was halted due to the duo’s relentless trash-talking and failure to heed the referee’s instructions, leading to a chaotic ring situation and an unresolved match.

Mayweather took to Instagram to confirm the rematch, scheduled for Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas. Despite limited details regarding the fight card or the specific date and time, Mayweather teased the event’s kickoff in his social media post, promising more information soon.

The anticipation for this rematch is sky-high, with both Mayweather and Gotti III expressing keen interest in revisiting their unfinished business. Gotti III, an MMA fighter with a 2-0 boxing record prior to facing Mayweather, believes he was on course to victory before the controversial end to their first encounter.

Mayweather, undefeated in his professional boxing career at 50-0, last fought Conor McGregor in 2017, securing a 10th-round TKO win. Since then, he’s ventured into exhibition matches, taking on opponents ranging from Tenshin Nasukawa to influencers like Logan Paul and MMA fighters like Gotti III.

Gotti III, known not just for his MMA prowess but also for his lineage tied to the famous mobsters John Gotti Jr. and John A. Gotti, has made a mark in both the MMA and boxing realms, setting the stage for an enticing rematch against Mayweather. While specifics on how to watch the event are yet to be unveiled, the boxing world eagerly awaits this clash between two formidable fighters with a score to settle.

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