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Filip Hrgovic Wins a TKO Against Demsey McKean but Fails to Impress!

In a thrilling encounter at London’s O2 Arena, Filip Hrgovic managed to secure a last-round stoppage against Demsey McKean, a challenging southpaw opponent.

The high-anticipation bout, streamed globally on DAZN, saw both fighters entering the ring with unblemished records. Hrgovic (15-0, 12 KOs), risking his IBF mandatory position, had previously encountered difficulty against another southpaw, Zhilei Zhang, leaving some spectators questioning the match’s outcome.

McKean (22-0, 14 KOs), making his twelve-round debut, began assertively, using his jab and his reach advantage from the outset. Hrgovic responded by targeting the body. As the match progressed, Hrgovic adjusted better to McKean’s left-handed style, landing some powerful shots that likely impressed the judges.

Entering the third round, McKean displayed commendable bodywork. However, Hrgovic’s punches carried more force, and he began focusing on McKean’s head. The match became more rugged as Ronnie Shields, from Hrgovic’s corner, advised him to persist even when McKean attempted to clinch.

By the end of the round, McKean looked fatigued, a dangerous sign when facing a fighter with Hrgovic’s reputation.

Hrgovic’s accuracy shone in the fourth round, while both fighters seemed to slow down a tad in the fifth. Yet, McKean managed to land more punches than Hrgovic early on, only for Hrgovic to strike back powerfully.

As the rounds advanced, fatigue became evident, especially in the sixth. The seventh started with primarily jabs, and the fight’s intensity appeared to wane. In the subsequent rounds, McKean seemed to regain some vigor, but Hrgovic’s few, potent shots kept the Australian boxer on edge.

By the tenth round, McKean adopted a hit-and-hold strategy, which made the contest drag a bit. In the penultimate round, even though Hrgovic landed a significant punch, he frequently found himself against the ropes, with McKean capitalizing using faster hands.

The climax arrived in the twelfth round when Hrgovic delivered a massive right hook that left McKean staggered. Although McKean managed to remain upright, the referee deemed it prudent to end the fight. Notably, Hrgovic did occasionally resort to some questionable blows during the bout.

Looking ahead, Hrgovic’s next opponent will be the victor of the Oleksandr Usyk vs. Daniel Dubois match on August 26. If Usyk retains his titles, many fans believe Hrgovic needs to enhance his stamina for the upcoming challenge.

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