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Ex-UFC Champ Tyron Woodley Challenges Manny Pacquiao to a Boxing Match

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley has called out legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao for a potential boxing match. Woodley, who recently faced back-to-back losses against YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul, shared on social media that he has been in negotiations with Pacquiao and expressed his frustration at the lack of progress. With Pacquiao exploring multiple potential opponents for his highly anticipated return to the ring, is a clash with Woodley on the horizon?

Following his departure from the UFC in 2021, Tyron Woodley has been seeking new opportunities in the world of combat sports. Despite encountering consecutive losses against Jake Paul, Woodley is determined to make his mark in the boxing arena. His latest target? None other than the legendary Manny Pacquiao.

In an Instagram post, Woodley expressed his frustration at the lack of progress in finalizing a deal with Pacquiao. He called out the Filipino boxing icon, comparing his hesitations to those of Floyd Mayweather and KSI. Woodley wants to know if the fight is on or if they are merely ‘f*cking around with numbers’ for nothing.

Pacquiao, a former eight-division world champion, retired from professional boxing in 2021 after a unanimous decision loss to Yordenis Ugás. However, he later announced his intention to return to the ring, leaving fans eagerly waiting for his next move.

Since Pacquiao’s announcement, various potential opponents have emerged, adding excitement to his long-awaited comeback. Initially, a superfight with Muay Thai legend Buakaw Banchamek was in discussions, but unfortunately, it was officially canceled in February. Another much-anticipated rematch against Floyd Mayweather was also teased by Pacquiao at RIZIN’s New Year’s Eve event.

In addition to these options, Pacquiao has been linked to a potential matchup with rising star Conor Benn, with the pair already facing off in Saudi Arabia during the weigh-ins for the Francis Ngannou vs. Anthony Joshua fight.

With his extensive list of potential opponents, Pacquiao is yet to confirm his return fight or the opponent he will face. However, the challenge from Tyron Woodley has added another enticing possibility to the mix.

As fans eagerly anticipate Pacquiao’s official announcement, it remains to be seen whether the boxing legend will accept Woodley’s challenge. Both fighters possess immense skill and charisma, making a potential matchup an intriguing prospect for the world of combat sports.

In the meantime, fight enthusiasts can only speculate and eagerly await news of Pacquiao’s decision. One thing is for sure, though: the boxing world awaits the return of the ‘PacMan’ with bated breath.

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