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Evander Holyfield's Explosive Revelation Accuses Rival of Steroid Use in Epic Showdown

Evander Holyfield dropped bombshell accusations against his former rival, James Toney, alleging steroid use during their iconic 2003 clash titled ‘The War.’ Holyfield, a four-time heavyweight world champion at the time, faced Toney, the reigning IBF cruiserweight king, in a non-title bout that took a surprising turn.

Though Holyfield started strong, Toney’s dominance from the fourth round onwards shifted the fight’s dynamics. Recalling the moment his corner threw in the towel in the ninth round, Holyfield dismissed concerns, asserting that Toney’s punches lacked power.

Expressing his suspicions, Holyfield claimed, “Of course he was on steroids.” He highlighted the lack of checks for performance-enhancing substances, emphasizing the need for thorough screenings. Holyfield pointed out instances where Toney exhibited physical changes and alleged attempts to deny accusations, raising doubts about fairness in the sport.

While Toney hasn’t responded publicly to these accusations, a post-fight doping test after a bout with John Ruiz in 2005 resulted in a failed test for steroids. This led to the overturning of the fight’s result from a win for Toney to a no contest, accompanied by a 90-day ban. Toney attributed his steroid use to a doctor-prescribed treatment for an injury.

Holyfield’s revelations shed light on the controversies surrounding the integrity of boxing and raise questions about fairness, doping regulations, and accountability within the sport.

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