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Errol Spence Jr.'s Eye Injury Raises Concerns After One Sided Crawford Defeat - Spence vs Crawford

Errol Spence Jr. is facing questions regarding the seriousness of an eye injury he suffered during his first fight against Terence Crawford in a Spence vs Crawford bout, where he was dominated and demoralized.

Spence had previously encountered a series of injuries, including a detached retina from a car crash in 2019, which limited his activity in the ring to only two fights in four years.

After his defeat to Crawford in Spence vs Crawford at Las Vegas, concerns are arising about the extent of Spence’s eye injury and its potential impact on his ability to compete in a rematch.

“I didn’t know I had a retina tear. But I do remember when it happened. When the guy hit me, I felt like little I heard a little pop.

“Then I went to the corner like man, my eye or whatever, they looked at my eye. Then I actually came back out there and sparred like four-five more rounds. Two days later, I had sparred again.”

Some on social media speculate that Spence may have cashed in on the Crawford fight before his eye condition worsened, raising doubts about his future in boxing.

During the fight, it appeared as if Spence had difficulty seeing punches coming from Crawford, and there are fears about his eyesight for the rest of his life, especially considering Crawford’s targeted strikes to the affected eye.

While Crawford’s victory is acknowledged, some observers felt that Spence didn’t perform at his best, leading to discussions about the severity of his eye injury.

In a previous interview, Spence admitted to experiencing a pop in his eye during a sparring session but continued to train without knowing about the retina tear. Later, doctors informed him that his retina was partially detached, preventing him from fighting at that time.

“I got some good news. I got some bad news. The bad news is that there’s no way you can fight. Then the good news is that it’s partially detached so that they can put it back on. But you know there’s no way you can fight.”

Spence eventually returned to the ring and defeated Yordenis Ugas, but his defeat against Crawford raised further doubts about the true extent of his eye injury.

Given these concerns, the seriousness of Spence’s eye condition has become a topic of scrutiny in the aftermath of Spence vs Crawford bout.

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