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Eddie Hearn's Risky Game Plan Unveiled Joshua's Calculated Path to Glory!

Eddie Hearn, the mastermind behind Anthony Joshua’s career, drops a bombshell by revealing Joshua’s next opponent: Filip Hrgovic for the IBF heavyweight title. Despite bigger money fights looming with opponents like Deontay Wilder, Zhilei Zhang, or Jared Anderson, Hearn has strategically chosen the undefeated #1 IBF-ranked Hrgovic as Joshua’s next challenge.

Hearn’s move appears cautious, steering Joshua away from potentially riskier fights and toward what he perceives as the path of least resistance. He asserts that while other talents might exceed Hrgovic’s skills, the calculated strategy focuses on minimizing risks. Hearn emphasizes the importance of Joshua avoiding illicit punches, suggesting that Hrgovic poses minimal threat unless he resorts to illegal shots, ensuring that a vigilant referee could potentially secure Joshua an easy victory, possibly even via disqualification.

Critics highlight Hearn’s careful maneuvering throughout Joshua’s career, indicating a pattern of calculated risks and strategic matchups. They note instances like Joshua’s fight against Wladimir Klitschko, where Hearn ensured a favorable setting for Joshua’s success. Despite Hearn’s claims about Joshua’s recent performance against Otto Wallin, critics argue that the fight was strategically handpicked and lacked significant challenge due to Wallin’s limitations.

Looking ahead, Hearn hails the proposed Hrgovic vs. AJ showdown as a crucial step in Joshua’s journey to secure the IBF belt, setting the stage for a potential clash against the winner of Fury vs. Usyk. If Joshua claims victory over Hrgovic, Hearn’s calculated moves could cement his image as a strategic genius in the eyes of fans, solidifying his planned trajectory for Joshua’s career.

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