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Eddie Hearn's Controversial Stance on Beterbiev's Drug Test Sparks Debate"

Eddie Hearn, the prominent figure in the boxing world, finds himself under scrutiny for challenging Artur Beterbiev’s clean legacy in a recent drug test controversy. Kell Brook’s coach, Dominic Ingle, questions Hearn’s authority, raising eyebrows about his motives given previous drug test failures within his stable.

A social media commenter points out the perceived hypocrisy, emphasizing Hearn’s focus on Beterbiev’s drug test while turning a blind eye to his own fighters’ failures. The accusation suggests an attempt to smear Beterbiev’s legacy, particularly after his victorious bout against Callum Smith.

Beterbiev had an ‘atypical finding’ in a December sample, leading to additional testing that returned negative results before his fight with Smith. Despite VADA’s assurance of no suspicion, Hearn called for further scrutiny of the drug test process, sparking controversy and raising questions about his role in the matter.

Dominic Ingle, in an interview with Boxing King Media, questions Hearn’s need for additional information, emphasizing that VADA is the authority on drug testing. Ingle highlights the inconsistency, stating that Hearn’s expertise lies in promoting boxing, not drug testing protocols.

In defense of Beterbiev’s clean legacy over a two-decade career, Ingle highlights the fighter’s consistent performance, including battles against Usyk. He questions the logic behind doping for two decades without detection, drawing comparisons to fighters with multiple failed tests, including Dillian Whyte, an Eddie Hearn fighter.

Ingle underscores the need for more rigorous drug testing in professional boxing, drawing attention to the stricter protocols in amateur boxing. The debate goes beyond individual fighters, raising concerns about the effectiveness of the current drug testing processes in the professional boxing arena.

As the controversy surrounding Hearn’s involvement in Beterbiev’s drug test unfolds, questions linger about the transparency and consistency of drug testing protocols in professional boxing. The spotlight remains on the need for a robust and impartial system to uphold the integrity of the sport.

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