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Eddie Hearn Stresses: Joshua's Path to Victory Must Be a Knockout Against Ngannou

Promoter Eddie Hearn leaves no room for ambiguity as he bluntly asserts that Anthony Joshua’s sole route to victory against Francis Ngannou is by way of a knockout in their upcoming ten-round heavyweight non-title clash in Riyadh. Hearn dismisses the possibility of Joshua securing a points decision, emphasizing the imperative need to avoid Ngannou’s devastating power and relentless aggression.

Hearn draws a parallel with Tyson Fury’s defensive strategy against Ngannou last October, highlighting Fury’s exceptional chin as the key factor that allowed him to withstand the onslaught. He underscores that expecting Joshua to replicate Fury’s feat is unrealistic, given the different fighting styles and vulnerabilities of the two heavyweight giants.

“I don’t think you have to take his soul. You just have to hurt him and knock him out because he won’t quit,” asserts Hearn, laying out a straightforward game plan for Joshua. The promoter believes that any attempt to outlast Ngannou in a defensive manner will prove futile for Joshua, who must focus on unleashing powerful blows to secure victory.

Hearn acknowledges the challenge presented by Ngannou’s imposing physicality, especially the size of his neck, which might indicate a formidable chin. However, he emphasizes that Joshua needs to target any vulnerable spot and “let them bombs go” to incapacitate Ngannou and secure a decisive win.

The fight’s tempo becomes a crucial aspect, according to Hearn, as he suggests that maintaining a strategic pace could expose Ngannou’s potential weakness in endurance. Yet, he underscores the difficulty in achieving this delicate balance, considering Ngannou’s constant threat and Joshua’s need to remain active.

As the countdown to the heavyweight clash continues, Eddie Hearn’s insights provide a clear perspective on the challenges Joshua faces and the uncompromising approach needed to emerge victorious against the formidable Ngannou.

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