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Eddie Hearn Storms Out of Press Conference Over Conor McGregor Inquiry

Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn caused a stir at the Katie Taylor/Chantelle Cameron press conference by adamantly refusing to address queries about his company’s ties with Forged Irish Stout, a brand associated with Conor McGregor. The sponsorship’s scrutiny ensued following social media remarks by McGregor, especially amid Dublin’s recent disturbances, although the UFC star was absent from the 3Arena event.

Hearn’s visible agitation emerged when confronted with questions regarding the nature of Matchroom’s affiliation with Forged Irish Stout, owned by McGregor. The press conference’s focus shifted dramatically as Hearn opted to evade any discussion relating to McGregor’s remarks or the stout’s sponsorship amid the controversy.

The contentious episode occurred amidst growing attention on McGregor’s social media activity during the Dublin city riots, leading to widespread speculation about the implications of Forged Irish Stout’s sponsorship in high-profile events like the Taylor/Cameron fight. McGregor’s absence from the boxing event added further intrigue to the situation, prompting increased scrutiny on the association between his brand and Matchroom.

Hearn’s abrupt departure from the press conference left attendees stunned, as his refusal to engage with queries regarding McGregor’s remarks signaled a clear desire to distance Matchroom from any discussions surrounding the controversial social media posts.

The incident sparked curiosity and raised more questions than answers, fueling speculation about the nature of McGregor’s involvement with Forged Irish Stout and its implications for Matchroom’s partnerships in the future. As the controversy continues to unfold, the boxing and MMA community awaits further developments regarding this unexpected rift between Hearn’s Matchroom and McGregor’s sponsored brand.

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