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Eddie Hearn on Fury's Recent Fight and Its Impact on Future Matchups

Promoter Eddie Hearn of Matchroom has shared his thoughts on how Tyson Fury’s recent fight against MMA fighter Francis Ngannou has affected the landscape of boxing matchups. According to Hearn, Fury’s performance against Ngannou, a bout he won by a razor-close ten-round split decision, has had a significant impact on the much-anticipated undisputed fight between Fury and Oleksandr Usyk.

Hearn predicts that the criticism Fury will receive following the fight may prompt him to take a step back from social media and media engagements to regroup. He believes that the criticism and close call will hurt Fury’s legacy.

Before the Ngannou fight, Fury had already signed a deal to face Usyk in Saudi Arabia on December 23. However, after the damage he sustained in the fight, including a third-round knockdown, a forehead cut from an uppercut, and a swollen left eye, it’s likely that the fight with Usyk will be postponed to early 2024.

Hearn suggests that the surprising and competitive nature of the Ngannou fight has altered the dynamics of boxing, making a Fury-Ngannou rematch a more appealing prospect for fans than the previously highly anticipated bout between Fury and Usyk.

While some may see Ngannou’s success in boxing as detrimental to the sport, Hearn believes that it has generated significant interest and discussions, making Ngannou one of the most valuable boxers globally. This newfound recognition also opens up opportunities for Ngannou in the MMA world, potentially leading to high-profile matchups.

In essence, Hearn highlights the significant impact that Tyson Fury’s fight against Francis Ngannou has had on the world of combat sports, sparking increased interest and conversations across boxing and MMA.

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