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Ebanie Bridges to Defend IBF Bantamweight Title in 'Sexiest Fight Ever' Against Avril Mathie

Australian boxing champion Ebanie Bridges is set to defend her IBF bantamweight world title in what is being billed as the ‘sexiest fight ever.’ Her opponent, fellow Australian Avril Mathie, will square off against her on December 9 in San Francisco. This highly anticipated match comes after Bridges’ triumphant title defense in December 2022, where she defeated Shannon O’Connell.

Bridges’ Rise to Fame: Ebanie Bridges has not only made a name for herself in the boxing world but also gained recognition for her eye-catching weigh-ins. Known for donning lingerie during these events, she has garnered a substantial fan following. Bridges’ charisma and unique approach to boxing have also allowed her to venture into new avenues, including launching an OnlyFans page, which she believes will secure “generational wealth.”

The ‘Battle of the Babes’: Bridges’ second title defense will see her face off against Avril Mathie, who is known for her skimpy bikini-clad weigh-ins. Despite their differing styles and approaches, the two fighters share a friendly rivalry and mutual respect. They have been engaging in playful banter on social media, generating excitement and anticipation for the upcoming bout.

Bridges’ Expectations: Speaking about the fight, Bridges expressed her excitement, citing the compatibility of their fighting styles. She dubbed the match the ‘Battle of the Babes,’ anticipating that it would be the “sexiest fight ever.” The weigh-in, she believes, will attract a substantial online audience, including those outside the boxing community who are curious to see how two “OnlyFans models” fare in the ring.

A Friendly Rivalry: While the fighters engage in pre-fight banter and promotions, it’s clear that their rivalry is rooted in respect and admiration. Bridges has previously praised Mathie for her hard work, dedication, and hustle, acknowledging her achievements and lifestyle. The friendly exchanges between the two fighters on social media contribute to the excitement surrounding the upcoming match.

The December 9 Card: Ebanie Bridges and Avril Mathie’s fight is part of a larger boxing card scheduled for December 9, featuring prominent names in the sport. The winner of their bout may earn the opportunity to contend for the championship title, adding an extra layer of significance to their showdown.

Conclusion: Ebanie Bridges and Avril Mathie’s upcoming bout promises to be a memorable event, not only for boxing enthusiasts but also for those intrigued by the unique combination of sports and entertainment. The fighters’ contrasting approaches and friendly rivalry have already sparked interest and anticipation for the ‘sexiest fight ever.’ As the event draws closer, the boxing world awaits to see who will emerge victorious in this captivating matchup.

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