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Dillian Whyte Cleared to Resume Boxing Career After Contaminated Supplement Incident

Dillian Whyte has received the green light to continue his boxing career following an investigation that determined a contaminated supplement caused his positive drugs test last year. The heavyweight contender’s highly anticipated rematch against Anthony Joshua was called off in August after he returned ‘adverse analytical findings’ in a pre-fight test conducted by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association.

After months of uncertainty and silence, Whyte, who trains under Buddy McGirt in the United States, has been vindicated as innocent in the matter. An extensive investigation, documented exclusively by Sky Sports, revealed that Whyte was the victim of a contaminated supplement, with a leading forensic expert concluding that he did not ingest the contaminant intentionally.

In an emotional interview with Sky Sports, Whyte expressed relief at the outcome of the investigation but also frustration over the toll the ordeal took on him both personally and financially. “It’s been really tough because I knew I was innocent, but then you can’t talk, you can’t say nothing,” he said. “You have to be professional, trust the process, trust the lawyers, and trust the people around you.”

Whyte also revealed the inner torment he experienced during the investigation process, describing it as “depressing” and “heartbreaking.” He detailed the exhaustive efforts to piece together his movements and activities during training camp in an attempt to clear his name.

The resolution of the matter marks a significant milestone for Whyte, who is now focused on resuming his boxing career and pursuing his goals in the heavyweight division. Despite the setbacks and challenges he faced, Whyte expressed gratitude to those who supported him throughout the process and emphasized the importance of discipline in overcoming adversity.

As he looks ahead to the future, Whyte is seeking damages from the US company responsible for manufacturing the contaminated supplement, aiming to recoup the financial losses incurred during the ordeal. With this chapter behind him, Whyte is eager to return to the ring and continue his pursuit of success in the sport he loves.

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