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Devin Haney Signs PRIME Deal, Stirring Controversy with Ryan Garcia

Devin Haney has stirred the pot by inking a sponsorship deal with PRIME, much to the dismay of his rival, Ryan Garcia. The move comes amidst a flurry of social media activity from Garcia, whose comments about the brand have ignited controversy in the lead-up to their highly anticipated bout on April 20th.

Garcia, known for his outspoken nature, has been vocal about his concerns regarding PRIME, even going as far as to suggest that the drink is unsafe for consumers. His criticism has not gone unnoticed, with Haney’s endorsement of PRIME adding fuel to the fire.

Despite Garcia’s objections, Haney has shown no hesitation in associating himself with the brand, further intensifying the rivalry between the two fighters. PRIME wasted no time in publicizing their partnership with Haney, prompting a fiery response from Garcia, who accused Haney of siding with the devil.

Who else would satan support other than Devil Haney" - Ryan Garcia sounds  off on Devin Haney for signing deal with PRIME

The tension between the two boxers is palpable, with Garcia’s comments potentially landing him in legal trouble if they damage the PRIME brand. However, Haney’s decision to align himself with PRIME underscores his confidence and determination to pursue lucrative sponsorship deals.

Meanwhile, PRIME’s list of high-profile partnerships continues to grow, with endorsements from major sports teams and individual athletes across various disciplines. The brand’s expansion into the world of professional wrestling, as the official mat sponsor for WWE events, highlights its ambitious trajectory.

As the countdown to their showdown on April 20th continues, the animosity between Haney and Garcia shows no signs of abating. With both fighters eager to prove themselves in the ring, their clash promises to be a spectacle for fans worldwide.

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