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Devin Haney Calls Out Gervonta Davis Avoiding the Fight?

Gervonta Davis faces allegations of deliberately evading a clash with Devin Haney, following Haney’s recent victory over Regis Prograis, propelling him into the limelight as one of boxing’s best fighters today. The prospect of a colossal Pay Per View showdown between Davis and Haney in 2024 emerged after Haney’s impressive win.

However, Bill and Devin Haney contend that “Tank” Davis is exploring options beyond Haney for a potential return in March, conspicuously excluding Haney from his list of potential opponents. Devin Haney expressed his frustration, indicating Davis’ reluctance to pursue the fight and his attempts to belittle its significance instead of embracing it as a marquee event for boxing.

Haney vocalized his disappointment, highlighting Davis’ tendency to undermine the potential bout, stating that if Davis genuinely desired the fight, he would advocate for its significance in the sport rather than diminishing its value. Haney is keen on making significant fights in the boxing world, expressing his openness to competing at different weight classes and seeking compelling matchups.

The saga intensifies as Haney touches upon his aspirations for significant fights, particularly reflecting on his historic achievement of becoming undisputed at 135 pounds. Despite Davis showing interest after Haney’s recent loss, Haney remains focused on pursuing significant fights, emphasizing his commitment to making the most significant and compelling matchups happen in the boxing realm.

Haney’s frustration extends beyond Davis as he shares an encounter with Ryan Garcia, where Garcia did not mention a potential fight, adding to the intrigue surrounding his pursuit of top-tier clashes in the sport.

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