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Deontay Wilder Vows 'Payback' Against Joseph Parker in December Showdown


Deontay Wilder gears up for a highly anticipated clash against Joseph Parker on December 23, and for Wilder, this fight holds a personal significance – it’s about redemption.

Having reigned as the WBC Heavyweight World Champion for nearly five years, Wilder’s journey took a turn when he lost the title to Tyson Fury in 2020. Now, seeking to reclaim championship glory, Wilder sees Parker as the first obstacle on his path back to the top. Interestingly, Parker was once a training partner of Fury, adding an intriguing layer of history to this upcoming bout.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Wilder revealed a personal motivation behind this fight, describing it as an opportunity for payback. Recalling Parker’s attendance at one of his fights in 2017, where Parker had previously called for a unification bout that never materialized, Wilder feels he has unfinished business to settle in the ring.

“There’s something I need to address with him,” Wilder expressed, hinting at the lingering tension stemming from Parker’s past actions. However, he also emphasized that once the fight concludes, any unresolved issues will be left behind in the ring, allowing both fighters to return to their families with mutual respect.

Wilder, known as ‘The Bronze Bomber,’ exudes confidence, predicting a 43rd knockout victory. Aware of Parker’s likely strategy to evade his powerful right hand, Wilder anticipates an aggressive approach from Parker. Nevertheless, he remains unfazed, asserting his readiness to engage and promising a decisive victory when the moment arrives.

“I know his tactics will revolve around dodging my right hand, but the thrill for me lies in stepping into the ring with him,” Wilder remarked. “He’ll come to pressure me, but mark my words, when I catch him, it’ll be lights out.”

As the showdown approaches, anticipation surges for what promises to be an explosive encounter between two formidable heavyweights. For Wilder, it’s more than just a fight; it’s a chance to settle the score and inch closer to reclaiming his coveted place at the pinnacle of the heavyweight division.

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